Are mutual funds right for you?

Mutual funds are managed by professional investment managers. When you invest in a mutual fund, an investment manager combines the money you have invested with the money invested by others, and invests it on behalf of all of you. The money is usually invested in a collection of stocks, bonds or other investments. Mutual funds can be a smart investment option if you are looking for an opportunity to earn higher returns on your money over a long period of time.

CIBC offers different types of professionally managed mutual funds ranging from low risk to high risk. The rate of return will depend on the level of risk. A CIBC advisor will work with you to understand your needs and help you select the right type of mutual fund.

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CIBC Savings Funds

CIBC Saving Funds provide a steady income while protecting the value of your initial investment. These funds are low risk and you can access your money any time.

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CIBC Income Funds

If you want to earn a steady income from your investment with the potential to grow your money over the long term, a CIBC Income Fund may be right for you. This type of fund ranges from low to medium risk but gives you the opportunity to earn a higher income than a Savings Fund.

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CIBC Growth Funds

Unlike our Savings Funds and Income Funds, CIBC Growth Funds do not earn you a steady income from your investment. These are higher risk funds with the potential to earn higher returns over the long term.

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