Buy a car right away – No Canadian credit history required

The CIBC Auto FinanceTM Newcomers Program* is a special car loan program for newcomers. It is available through participating car dealerships. This program lets you buy a car right away because you can borrow money with little or no Canadian credit history. You can then pay back the money over 5 years or less by making payments once a week, once every 2 weeks, or once a month. You choose.

How the program works

With the CIBC car loan program for newcomers, buy your car from one of the dealers in our network of 2,500 car dealerships. There are participating car dealerships all across Canada. When you find the car you want, ask your dealer for the CIBC Auto Finance™ Newcomers Program. Once we approve your car loan and you agree to the payment terms, you’ll get the keys to your new car!

Note: You must have a valid driver’s license to drive a car in Canada.

Want to get information about the CIBC car loan program for newcomers or find a participating car dealership near you?

Call 1-800-465-2422.

Please note that CIBC Auto Finance™ offers the CIBC car loan program for newcomers only through participating car dealerships. The program is not available through CIBC branches.

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