Get foreign cash in up to 75 currencies

Whether you are visiting family back home, taking a vacation abroad, or going to the U.S. on business, CIBC can help you get the foreign cash you need.

You can get U.S. cash from our U.S. dollar ATMs. We have the largest network of U.S. dollar ATMs in Canada, so you can enjoy the convenience of more than 800 bank machines across the country.

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You can also order cash in up to 75 currencies with CIBC Foreign Cash Online™. You can get your cash delivered to any CIBC Banking Centre, pick it up from Toronto Pearson International Airport, or have it delivered to your home without any delivery charge.

If you want to send money to someone in another country, we can help with that, too. 

How much foreign cash can you order?

The smallest amount of foreign cash you can order at one time is an amount equal to $300 CAD. The most you can order at one time is an amount equal to:

  • $2,500 CAD, if the money will be delivered to your home
  • $9,500 CAD, if you are picking up the money from Toronto Pearson International airport
  • $50,000 CAD if you are picking up the money at a specified CIBC branch

 If you are ordering an amount that converts to less than $300 CAD, you must pick it up at a CIBC branch.

What CIBC bank accounts can you use to buy foreign cash?

You can purchase foreign cash using your CIBC chequing, savings or personal line of credit accounts1. If you don’t have one of these CIBC accounts, you can open one through the Everyday Banking for Newcomers.

How does CIBC Foreign Cash Online work?

  • Sign on to CIBC Online Banking
  • Select “Order Foreign Cash” from the menu
  • Choose the currency and amount you need
  • Confirm the foreign exchange rate
  • Choose how you wish to get your cash – home delivery or pick-up
  • Check that all the information you have entered is correct
  • Choose the account that you want to use to pay for your foreign cash